2024 February Invitational

17 February 2024

King High School welcomes you to the 2024 February Statewide competition!

We will be following the standard schedule for testing times, consistent with other invitationals across the state.

When registering, schools may register one team per division, but we will be offering a myriad of open tests for competitors during their respective team rounds. In addition, please be sure to include an accurate number of adult sponsors that will be in attendance - ALL sponsors will have a round one and/or a round two job. We thank you SO much for all the work you do for your kids and our programs!!

Our open tests are a little unique to King, so please see below for the tests that we have written and are offering:

Theta Open = Theta Open Alpha Open = Geometry (Alpha) Mu Open = Physics Open (Mu) Stats Open = Stats Open Comprehensive Open = AMC-style Open (geared toward Alpha/Mu)

Our school is located at the southeast corner of 56th St. and Sligh Ave. Bus parking can be accessed through our rear parking lot off of Sligh Ave.

Food options are generally limited nearby our school, so we will be taking pizza orders at registration. Each pizza (cheese and pepperoni) will be $10, cash only. Small concessions will be available for sale during lunch as well. In addition, both McDonald's and Wendy's are within walking distance for schools who would prefer other options.

If you have further questions, please contact King sponsors Jason Consolo at [email protected] or Jenni Hall at [email protected]. We are SO excited and can't wait to see you all on the 17th!