File Description
State Convention Letter 2024 On behalf of the Florida Association of Mu Alpha Theta (FAMAT), you are invited to attend the 47th Annual Mu Alpha Theta State Convention.
State Room List 2024 Please fill this out alongside your registration with hotel room information.
Sponsors' Guide 2023-2024 All information that sponsors need to know about joining/participating in FAMAT competitions
New Sponsors' Quick Help Guide Information for new sponsors
Competition Registration Form Use this form for bookkeeping and sending your registration payment
FAMATCGRAPH 2018 The complete and definitive rules and regulations for FAMAT
Test Standards 2019 List of level-appropriate topics (revised 2019)
FAMAT Common Disputes v3 A brief compendium of some common issues arising in disputes and their standard resolution. This list is not comprehensive. (updated 1/14/2013)
Answer Sheet The official FAMAT bubble sheet
Scanner Program Bubble sheet scanner
Test Writer W9 Put your phone number and email in the top right! Send ONLY page 1. Updated 2023
Algebra I Standards Appropriate topics for Algebra I tests
Algebra II Standards Appropriate topics for Algebra II tests
Geometry Standards Appropriate topics for Geometry tests
Precalculus Test Standards Appropriate topics for Precalculus tests
Calculus Standards Appropriate topics for Mu/Calculus tests throughout the year. Updated 2019
Stats Test Standards and Common Disputes Frequent disputes and appropriate topics for Stats tests