Joining FAMAT

While this covers the introductory steps, sponsors should download the Sponsor's Guide and read it for more information.

Register your school

All high schools must register a Mu Alpha Theta chapter to compete in FAMAT. National registration fees are one-time-only. Middle schools are exempt.

To register with FAMAT, email [email protected] with your name and your school's name and address. You'll be assigned a school code.

Florida is divided into 5 regions to minimize driving time/distance for Regional Competitions. The first digit of your school code is your region number.

Set up your portal

Once you receive your login information, you should sign in to add links to the next steps below.

The first step is to set up your contact information. This will be used for FAMAT communications.

Next, set your school information. Any information you put here is visible to other sponsors.

Enrollment and finances

In the other tabs on your school page, you'll find your student list and balance.

You can add and remove students from your school at any time. If you remove a student before the deadline for yearly dues, you won't be charged, but if you remove a student after the deadline, the charge will remain on your account.

Current high school dues are $12.00 per student with a minimum of $120.00 per school. Middle school dues are a flat fee of $120.00.

If your school requires invoices, you can make an invoice for your student dues in the balance tab of your school page. Also in that tab are your previous invoices and the payments received.

General competition fees will not appear in your school portal, as they are collected by the schools running each competition.

Get students involved

FAMAT is a state affiliate of the Mu Alpha Theta National Honor Society, and being a part of their group is a great way to get students involved in service.

FAMAT, and Florida as a whole, has significant student communities and leadership. The Student Delegates run a Facebook group, Discord server, and mailing list for students. They run an online competition in the fall, host meetings and lunch groups during the regular season, and coordinate student awards and events at the State Convention.

A number of large and small schools run math team-specific classes for students that are highly interested in math. This is a great way to challenge students with exceptional interest and grow their love of math, and be more competitive in FAMAT.

First events

The first competition of the year is the Fall Interschool in November, which will be available on the website during the competition.

The first individual competition, in December, is the Hiller/Nunn/Dostal tests. It is mail-in. More information can be found on its competition page.

During the January-to-March regular season, there are two main types of competition. Invitational Competitions are open to the entire state, and hosted at one school. Regional Competitions are hosted at multiple schools at the same time.

Register for competitions

You can find upcoming competitions and register online. Once you've registered, the competition host will manage further communication.

For regional competitions, your school can request to compete outside its region if the travel is shorter or there is no competition in your region by filling out the form in the Sponsor Packet.

Go to Competitions

Between tests, disputing problems, and lunch activities, students are generally busy throughout competitions. Students are encouraged to attend Student Delegates meetings at lunch to meet others like them, get involved in leadership, and participate in mini-events such as Countdown.

Lunch is provided for sponsors. Sponsors are expected to "work" for a round of competitions they attend, such as by proctoring tests or monitoring team round.

State Convention

The State Convention is the height of the FAMAT season. Held at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, schools across Florida travel to compete in a diverse array of events and meet other students. In addition to topic events such as Logs and Exponents or Probability, there are a Scrapbook competition, Poster, and the Brian Holt Computer Competition.

The Student Delegates hand out Squirty Chicken awards for season-wide high performers, run an Integration Bee, and elect the new Delegate leadership.