2024 February Regional

03 February 2024

Maclay School will be hosting the 2024 FAMAT February Regional Competition.

For team round, we will let schools register up to 2 teams for each of the six divisions: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Statistics, Precalculus, and Calculus.

There will be no limit on the number of students taking the Individual test.

Postmarked deadline for registration is January 20th, 2024. Please have your registration completed online and your fees mailed by that date. Price is $10 per student ($15 with lunch).

There will also be a Pre-Algebra test. Please e-mail names for Pre-Algebra to [email protected] and include $10 per Pre-Algebra student with your FAMAT registration.

Each sponsor is expected to cover duties during the competition

Please bring your enrollment list as downloaded from www.floridamao.org with the participating competitors’ names and ID#s highlighted.

WE ARE OFFERING FOOD! - we will be offering food through our cafeteria/catering service. It is $5 per student and they will be able to choose from chicken tenders and fries or a veggie sub and fries. There will be drinks for purchase as well as snacks and desserts. Add $5 per student to your registration and then e-mail Mr. Gussaroff the total count for lunch and, if possible, how many are choosing the vegetarian option.

We will also have our coffee shop "Tru Bru" open. A space for sponsors will be set up with free coffee and pastries as well.

The FAMAT schedule will be as follows:*NOTE - slight change to the order of testing!

8:30-9:15 Registration: at the entrance by our cafeteria (specific info will be sent out)

9:30 Round 1

Individual Round: Algebra I, Precalculus, and Statistics

Team Round: Geometry, Algebra II and Calculus

11:00 Round 2

Individual Round: Geometry, Algebra II, and Calculus

Team Round: Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics

12:30 Lunch

2:30 Award Ceremony

For prealgebra, use the following schedule: 8:30-9:15 Registration (as above) 9:30 Individual Round 10:30 Disputes 11 (or a bit earlier) Lunch 11:45 (or a bit earlier) Awards

Please mail checks to the following:

Maclay School 3737 North Meridian Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32312 Attn: John Gussaroff, Upper School

Make checks payable to: Maclay School Mu Alpha Theta

For any questions, e-mail John Gussaroff at [email protected]