2023 March Invitational

11 March 2023

Buchholz is EXCITED to bring back the March State-wide We will continue our tradition of not requiring anyone to work our competition. We will handle jobs internally. That said, any veteran sponsor who likes scoring the team round can email me directly and volunteer for that. The team round scoring system will be the same one used at states and nationals. It will not be like the format we are using during regionals and other state-wides.

Other than our cost for trophies all proceeds will go to Joey’s Wings. It is a children’s cancer foundation

We view the March State-wide as a tune up for the state championship, therefore we have created a very slimmed down version of events. We will have only 3 divisions like state(Theta, Alpha, and Calculus). Any Alpha or Calculus competitor not on team can take Statistics or Comprehensive which will both be open tests. The comprehensive test will be an AMC style test.

We will also have a Friday night ciphering competition. This is optional and will cost an additional $5 per person. It will not be part of sweepstakes, but we will give out trophies/medals

No limit on the number of students taking the Individual test or ciphering. We plan to allow all theta kids to sit for the team round. Everyone can seat an A team but after that we will pair people into teams of 4 so kids from different schools can compete together. We are seating only one Alpha Team and one Calculus team per school since kids not on team can take the Statistics or Comprehensive opens.

  1. Postmarked deadline for the competition is Feb 25, 2023. Mail your registration, check made out to Buchholz High School to Buchholz High School, 5510 NW 27th Ave. Gainesville Fl, 32606 Attn: Will Frazer.

  2. Please bring your highlighted enrollment list, downloaded from famat.org with the participating competitors’ names and ID#s highlighted.

  3. Testing will start PROMPTLY at 9am so be in your room by 8:55 am for directions.

We have 3 goals for our competition:

  1. Mid level tests. Not too easy or too hard
  2. Awards ceremony that starts and finishes on time
  3. Tests that are nearly free from accepted disputes These are the 3 things we seek when we travel and compete.

If you have any questions, contact Will Frazer via email @ [email protected]

Buchholz Tentative Schedule

Friday night ciphering 8:00 to 9:00. Based on division


ROUND 1 9:00-10:15 Calculus Individual Pre-Calculus Individual Theta Team - ONE team per school. Extras will pair up in blocks of 4

ROUND 2 11:00-12:15 Statistics Open or Comprehensive Open Individual Theta Individual Calculus Team - ONE team per school Alpha Team - ONE team per school

Awards ceremony: 2:30-3:30. We will start on time. No slide shows, no thank you’s and no speeches by people you don’t want to listen to. Just awards!!