2023 January Regional

28 January 2023

*There is absolutely no food available at this competition. *Deadlines for late Registration will be enforced. No student will be added after 1/21/2023 in all categories (and students after the 14th will have a late fee applied).
*The open test in the schedule is for PREALGEBRA, which will start approx. 30 minutes after the round 1 tests start and should be roughly around 45? questions *schedule is on page 27 of the sponsors guide, the only change is that the approximate time for the awards is 3:00 pm Other questions? Email me and I will answer the group that has registered

All Sponsors will be responsible to help proctor as needed.
High School Sponsors will help in the Team round or the Scoring Room as needed (Rachael Cross will supervise team round) Middle Schools will need to provide a sponsor or capable adult(s) to help with proctoring individual tests.